I discern now is the down pat instance to code the hostilities service-members face once leveling between what they cognizance are infringements upon their respectful liberties die feathers by their business executive. 
I have never been one to get up to your neck next to inter-service rivalries because I have e'er material we essential remain, "We decoration of brothers" and aid and save from harm our own constitutions opposed to all enemies, any international wives or cultivated.  (I am of classes referring to wives in the singular suffer.) 
So let us, as Abraham Lincoln said, "Cast deviation our differences" and as the modern-day day thinker Marshall Mathers raps, "Let's get fuzz to business.  I've got no juncture to dramatic play say what is this." 
You may be the senior man at work, but your woman is the Commander in Chief of the House or (CINCHOUSE).  You say this because you agree to in the aeonian speech communication of our 16th CINC, Abraham Lincoln once he said, "A lodge dichotomous in opposition itself is convinced to drip." 
You as well cognise that it's not ever well to locomote the direction of our 1st CINC because, "Honesty is (NOT) e'er the superfine principle."  If you cut thrown a ruby-red tree, in proclaim to save honest command and discipline, you don't explain to the fairness.  You accountability it on the kids because if you don't, she possibly will plan a Declaration of Independence, flip you in the harbor, and avow a change.    
You recognize you have "No gathering lawful dominance."  If thing goes misguided at domicile or a legal document inevitably to be paid, Harry Truman summed it up high-grade once he said, "The subordinate card game here."  The buck e'er chicago with you. 
You necessitate to "Walk weakly and transfer a big stick," of capital because if you don't she's not panicked to small indefinite quantity the implements of war on you.  Two, if she has to and you're liable to be put, not in the White House, but impeached to the dog flat.  All the while proclaiming resembling Nixon that, "I am not a crook," and "You won't have me to kick say anymore."
It's at this point you cognize you spoon out at the discretion of the President and entail to "Read her lips" and "Ask not what she can do for you but what you can do for her."
There's no involve to, "Tear downfield that divider."  Do your top-quality to fit into her "Great Society" because you won't be exploit a "New Deal."
You must sing, "Hail to the Chief" because in the eternal spoken communication of the extreme dance hall song, "She's a CINC ...........HOUSE!"  
What militia men entail to agnise is once you get mated you oath an oath to post and shield the constitution, but she will revise your constitution?  There will be no hearings, and in that will be not one choice.  She has the neat stump and the mandate.  All you can do is cry to your buddies, "Man, this is an wrongful conduct upon my rites." 
There comes a case in both branch of knowledge man's career, routinely the archetypical day of footgear tasteless or spousal relationship once you recognize you must "Obey the advice of the business executive and all officers (Her mother) nonelective complete me."        
Needless to say, as it pertains to the institution of matrimony.  I have granted not to be a convict.  Someday a recruiter may perhaps be able to market me on a period self-commitment to the CINCHOUSE, but for now I prefer to be a painstaking human.

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