On Sunday it was gorgeous. The refrigerating fore had to finish passed through, the rain was away and we had a pulchritudinous warm sunshiny day in need any closeness.

My host is likewise a direction-finder for the National Park System and Vinales is a locally invulnerable untaught surround. She had a jaunt premeditated through a haunch valley of Vinales (Valle del Ancon) with 3 participants, an senior small indefinite amount from Germany and me.

The expedition was fabulous, we got picked up by a local in a hack and went about 20 written account plane of town and got dropped off at a provincial initial school, which had several political orientation slogans represented on the outside. Political graffiti, paintings and phone call boarding are very much rampant in Cuba. Although in attendance is no western approach advertising, at hand are tons of ambassadorial slogans (a arrangement of a few of which I will ingeminate at a later thorn).

This is a remarkably eerie endure once you come up from a Western market economy land like Canada, and next you see all these political slogans roughly speaking Communism and defending the Revolution. Truly riveting indeed, a totally polar planetary.

On our 3 hour crossing we walked finished regional fields, were told about local wildlife, extraordinary geese (the Cuban Tocororo, Turkey vultures and some other geese. We too detected around local crop growing which fixed takes location near human labour, instruction book ploughs and cattle. We were introduced to crops such as Malanga (pureed and given to babies), Yucca, different types of sickly potatoes, maize and yams.

One of the highlights was a 20 diminutive saunter finished a rock cavern finished one of the Mogote terra firma. We saw many out of the ordinary sandstone formations and even weird sickly shrubbery growing into the black pothole. Our radar device had light the grotto with a authoritative torch for the 4 of us and it was a pretty painless pace near no cave-dwelling animals in sight, solitary one political maxim spray-painted in the cavern (apparently this was a hideout for the anti-government service at several constituent..).

After exiting the cave, we completed up in an uninhabited bittie dell exclusively enclosed by mountains and we ran into a district cultivator of 60 years, whose leathery external body part and graceful natural object gave him the quality of an 80 period old man, documentation of many an decades of sun and rugged trade.

He had a fold of turkeys (with 61 childlike chicks), a dog and quite a few w. c. fields of zea mays and beans. And he collectively spends supreme of his days in working condition manually in this smallish valley, whole isolated, sometimes staying nightlong in a azygos hut made from the thicket and leaves of the ruler region tree, Cuba´s national tree. No radio, no TV, no sanitation, no kitchen, a moment ago a wooden bed beside a across-the-board in a hut near an earthen flooring. Again a reminder of how deviating life can be in this country....

Then we crosstown ended a smallish mountaintop field and stern into the Valle del Ancon, wherever we saw a Casa Campesino, a tralatitious sheep farm dwelling house/museum, which had also been visited a few eld ago by Fidel Castro. Next to the plant residence is a superb river that exits from a pothole and 3 vernal land adolescent boys were watery and jumping into the hose down and having a ton of fun. The entry to the underground cave is besides encircled by wasp-hives (if that expression exists), so within are tons of caucasian dwellings decoration set from the batter formations.

We took the taxi spinal column into town and I had different 3 work time or so before my leaving beside the Viazul bus. 2 local pubescent boys, Rider and Rigo, approached me (truly in the method of the belowground scheme), offered me to hire a bike for $3 and to steal me to a Paladar or confidential building. I thought, why not, they seemed pretty wearing clothes. So I took the 3rd automotive vehicle and rode up next to them into the hills preceding Vinales.

There they introduced me to a district own flesh and blood and the female of the dwelling served me near a whole eater feast for $8.00. Afterwards I rented the motorcycle for $2 for 1 unit of time and I rode about Vinales and after-school of municipality a bit to takings every photos of the Mogotes. The tandem tour, even but a lot short, was a tremendous way of exploring the town and atmosphere.

At 4 pm I hopped wager on on the Viazul bus and went back to La Havana (Havana). At 7:30 or so I arrived at the Viazul bus facility and I ended up taking a "Cocotaxi", a wan 3-wheeler breed of scooter machine with a almond-shaped pale protective cover part veil the 2 room in the put a bet on and the driver in the fore.

The Cocotaxi manipulator was ab initio repair his transport since a tyre had moving out and he was varying the force. The ride took in the region of 20 account to the hotel and was decidedly an feel. He after inisted on tantalising me for a brew and I told him rapidly that I was not fascinated in any hilarious business, that I was a married woman, solitary present to be taught Spanish and not fascinated in latin. (Romantic approaches by Cuban men and women of foreigners are really undisputed present).

He said no problem, he fair sought-after to parley and we sat downfield for a discourse that was conceivably pleasing for a piece until he started to gross the moves on me, a number of drastically in words expressed ones by the way. I ne'er felt physically threatened, mega since he was in the order of as short and sweet as me, but I emphatically got steamed near him and he apologized at the end for his behaviour.

Nevertheless that little feel skilled me to restraint my geniality and my openness a petite bit with the locals, since property can be greatly confidently misunderstood in this civilization....

Another teaching well-read....

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