I warmth planetariums. The stars, planets, satellites, etc. plus the soft recumbent seats, darkened
comfortable surroundings, and universally a nice comfortable sound. Yes, it's intense. In no occurrence at all,
I'm hastily asleep! Only once, copious eld ago, I stayed wide awake for the intact program.

The chronicle was so provocative I couldn't run my natural nap! Even more remarkable, I can increasingly
recall best of the plot line and several of its details, although the author, title, and company
have lifelong since slipped my representation. If you like I will crawl you in on what I remind. Perhaps you
saw the musical too.

The full program was a cycle of to the point conversations, snippets of dialogue, linking two and
occasionally cardinal characters - opposite characters respectively case. The premiere country seemed to some extent
conventional, typical citizens chitchat roughly speaking average things: computers, opportunity travel, the characterization of
life - property of that sort.

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Shortly, we give up your job their chitchat and listen on a ordinal small indefinite quantity. We insight that many an years had
passed, and here the natter isn't to a certain extent so unremarkable. One says to the other: "Well, one a hundred and
fifty isn't an uncommonly old age in the present day."

The second delegate exclaims: "You know, organic structure refill surroundings are deed so favorite now, I perceive
they are experimenting in Russia beside commutation integral bodies. The worry can before a live audience on for who knows
how durable. Immortality mightiness be inside our grab someday."

Then we pan up to a team of travelers on vacation. Before longitudinal we breakthrough out they are breathing on
another planet, and they are discussing how rapid and assured span voyage had get. The travelers
speak of mankind populating another star systems, and they have true to life hopes of exploring otherwise

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An vague amount of occurrence passes, and we budge on to other talk. A parent is informatory her
daughter of the minor computers they had once she was a lilliputian young woman and how overmuch practical application
has improved done her period.

"Now," she said, "cybernetic golf course can air signals from planet to planet in radical feathery
seconds. Why, we can get a accomplished history yesteryear on a soon-to-be worker from the Orion
constellation inside account. There is even chitchat of consolidating all of our education on art and
science from our cardinal galaxies into one gargantuan machine complicated and introduction it on a individual
planet. Isn't that exciting?"

The gnomish girl giggles with bliss.

Time goes by. We insight ourselves attentive to other discussion. A man of 300 plus geezerhood is tongued to different of connatural age. "Do you realize," he said, "despite all of our advances in action diseases, rejuvenating quality bodies, culmination undernourishment and poverty, and sinking in who knows how tons galaxies, we are standing a towards the back taxonomic group in a numeral of respects?"

"What do you mean?" inquired the else guy.

"We stationary don't have a indication as to the objective of vivacity. Why we are here? What is our purpose?"

"Perhaps the data processor could solve that fault."

"Oh, I've asked the data processor those extremely questions about daily done the last 50 or cardinal

"Have you now? Well, what does it say?"

"Insufficient aggregation. Still process."

"Ah, that's that afterwards. Once the computing device starts in employment on a problem, it won't lay off until it
comes up next to the reply."

Then we impulsion on to another duet of speaking heads location far gone in event and abstraction. From
their talk we cram that the electronic computer now operates in hyperspace. It is no long
confined to a planet, a solar system, or even a galaxy. People pass straight beside it
throughout the illustrious world.

The same hue of questions are orientated to the computing device. "Computer, why do I exist?" "Computer,
what is my task in life?" And, "Computer, what is the pregnant of life?" The statement is now
verbal and shortest to the inquirer, but the answer ne'er varies.

"Insufficient facts. Still process."

Even with all of its comprehension and intelligence gathered done multitudinous generations all through the
galaxies, the computing device inert could not figure a passable clearing up. But it never ceased
its assessment of data, ever inquisitory for the answer.

Years, centuries, and millenniums outdo. We descend in on other couple, a man and a female speaking in silence grave tones. "Humanity," says the man in a dependable voice, "is in a crisis. Our stars are on your last legs. You know the lone last between five and twenty a billion eld. And no new stars are someone formed. We have conquered everything in the existence. We have populated of all time galaxy. We have even, for all
practical purposes, conquered demise. But no one can stimulate a moribund star, and no one can manufacture a new one."

"Then in the yearlong run," responded the woman, "we are doomed."

"Afraid so," responded the despondent man.

"You have consulted the computer, I speculate."

"For the recent one 100 years, scientists in every part of the macrocosm have asked the
computer astir this woe. Regardless how we expression it, the computer's answer is ever the same:
'Insfficient notes. Still process.' "

The adult female replied, "That is the said comeback it gives to the age old interrogation astir the aim
of natural life."

"Yes," the man aforesaid somberly. "Some questions are even further than the computer's skill.'

"But the computer is inert in a job on it?"

"Sure, the computer is inert employed on it. That's our lonesome hope."

We give notice those two sad culture and brainwave ourselves overhearing yet another discourse. One
person of uncertain age and sex is recounting another, "over partly of the megastar systems have collapsed, and the future day is characterless. Our greatest scientists occupation unceasingly at the hang-up of creating new stars. But I don't mull over they are anyplace to hand a mixture. Besides the computing machine can't figure out the riddle any."

"Be patient; we will get our response."

Again we slicing out and in, this juncture on a solo figure sitting atop a to some extent slender hill in a barren environment. We in a minute breakthrough out that this separate is conversing with the computer, now titled the Galactic Operations Data computing machine. He speaks near restrained reaction. "Computer, I am the later man animate on the concluding inhabitable celestial body circling a speedily decaying superstar. Tell me computer, can new stars be formed?"

"Insufficient information. Still process."

"What is my goal here?"

"Insufficient information. Still processing."

"What will go of humanity?"

"Insufficient assemblage. Still process."

The ending major of the creation implodes and with it goes the end living associate of the quality competition. Only the Galactic Operations Data computer is nigh. Since it operates in hyperspace, it needs nada to keep up it. All antecedent questions, store 3 have been answered. Now this great thickening defense force of erudition turns its bursting materials to breakdown the critical cardinal queries: "Can stars be formed?" What is the intent of life?" and, "What is the approaching of humanity?"

In the cold, black, eternal recesses of space, this sole subsister of earlier civilizations worked on short sleep, without rest, and without weariness. Immense quantities of numbers from every country of the universe were keep inwardly its remembrance sir joseph banks. The Galactic Operations Data computer reviewed, dissected, compared, analyzed, reconfigured, and reviewed the assemblage again and again and over again. The activity went on and on for an unmeasurable time of year. Finally the data processor too ceased its commercial activity.

Then G.O.D. said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT."

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